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Investment is a key way to become financial stable, If you know the three dimension of investing “How, When and Where to invest Then,

You can reach your financial goal soon,

1) We first analyze the client’S needs 2) Once needs are identified, We recommend them unbiased investment options 3) We provide after-sales service and financial mentoring for a lifetime,

Our motive is to help people and give them excellent or unbiased Financial services

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Managing personal finances and investments has always been a daunting and continuous task that can cause even the most economically savvy individual to become confused or short-sighted. Indeed, in a world where assets and investments move quickly and we link our bank accounts to innumerable services and make purchases with the touch of a button, financial management simply means gaining an understanding of your financial situation in order to make the most of your assets in day-to-day life and in planning for your future At Capital flow we not only aim to create awareness about financial planning but also provide sales and services with products like Demat/trading accounts,Mutual fund,bonds,etc.

we operate on the core philosophy of customer-certricity,we are an Authorised partner with top stock firm IIFL Securities Ltd.

Save time for things that really matter.

Open free demat and trading account within 15 mintutes and start investing.

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We manage portfolio on back test data to gain higher return in low risk reward.​

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We provide day to day calls which is given by expert.


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Stock broking

At capital flow we are connected with iifl securities, we provide end to end stock broking services from buying to selling equity and we also manage demat and trading individual account.

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Mutual fund

Mutual fund is one of the highly sought after investment options available in the market due to its various benefits such as diversification of risks and dividend reinvestment. Owing to the simplicity and convenience of use, investment in mutual fund online is continuously gaining popularity in markets all around the globe, not just capital flow we provide unbiased mutual fund advice.

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It is very easy to start an SIP, you need to plan your saving wisely and keep aside some amount of money every month for investing in funds, investment can be done either by post dated cheques or through ECS instructions in specific fund house scheme, its always better to start at an early age with small amount and increase the same from time to time. If you have not invested yet, start now without any delay, waiting for the right time to invest can lead to missed opportunity, a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a smart way to achieve your various financial goals and ensures you with the required corpus which was initially planned for the specific requirement.

One can take the benefit of SIP only, when you choose the right schemes and be faithful and continue to stick to it, without any deviations.

SIP investment in well diversified and good performing scheme that can provide financial solutions to your long term goals like child education, marriage and your capital flow we offer SIP services as well.

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FD & Bonds

An investment avenue in which an investor loans money to an entity (government or corporate) that borrows funds for a defined period of time at a fixed interest rate. Bond market has not attracted retail investors to it. But in recent times, lackluster equity markets and low rate of interest have attracted retail investors towards bonds issued by corporate. (FD:- Generally, banks are the issuers of fixed deposits services or products in India.But there are other non banking institutions that offer similar deposit products to investors. These corporate entities could be involved in various businesses & may require capital to fund their operations. In such scenario, they issue deposit certificates to the investors of different tenures at fixed interest rates. at capital flow are connected to number of company who provide FD and Bonds services.

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Book-keeping is an art of identifying, approving, sorting and record-keeping company’s financial transactions in a manner that they can be retrieved and presented for the higher management reporting.It is the process of recording financial transactions of business daily. It is a part of accounting process that records the financial affairs of the company in the form of journal entries. It is a means of entering data into the accounting system. Therefore, accurate, reliable and complete book-keeping becomes a significant source of information for any business. Capital flow is known for providing the best accounting and book-keeping service in Raipur (C.G).



Income Tax Return services and income tax consultants in Raipur (C.G). Income tax Return is a form in which a person files information on his income earned during a financial year and its tax thereon to the Income Tax Department. Under Income Tax, a person can be an individual, HUF, Firm or LLP, company, NGO, Society, Trust etc. The government has made it mandatory for individuals and others who earn a specified amount of annual income to file their ITRs within the due dates prescribed under the act. Those who earn less than the amount chargeable to tax can also submit their returns voluntarily.we at Capital flow help you in calculating your correct income tax payable or refundable; provide the best consultancy in reducing your tax liabilities and significant tax reliefs which may get ignored by individuals.

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Our mission is to create awareness about financial products, so we have keep it Free, to help more and more individuals in there financial freedom journey.

We are available online through email, whats app and chat as well as you can book an appointment and visit our office. ( Check contact us page for contact details )

Yes at capital flow we do manage individual account if your account are opened in IIFL securities.

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